Sparkling wine produced from selected and hand-harvested Glera grapes grown on the hills of Valdobbiadene. Straw yellow in color and on the nose it has notes of citrus fruits and green apple whereas on the palate it is dry and fresh. The perlage is fine and the persistence is obtained thanks to a sparkling wine process in pressure tanks at low temperature (15°-16°).

Production area: Valdobbiadene;

Grape Variety: Glera;

Soil: Clay-calcareous;

Climate: Mediterranean;

Winemaking: White, soft pressing;

Sparkling process: Charmat at low temperature;

Colour: Straw yellow;

Perlage: Fine and persistent;

Alcohol: 11,5%;

Residual Sugar: 5 gr/l;

Total Acidity: 5,5 gr/l;

Pressure: 5 bar;

Serving Temperature: 6-8 °C;

The perfect balance of this wine makes it perfect for aperitif or to be served with cheese, risotto or seafood.