Sparkling white wine made from Glera grapes, produced in autoclave according to the Charmat method; the slow and light frothing (this sparkling wine in fact reaches only 3,4 Atm during the sparkling process instead of the 5 Atm of the other sparkling wines of the company) at low temperature, enhances the characteristics of this grape variety and gives a fine and persistent perlage.
It has a wide range of fruity fragrances, citrus fruits and fresh vegetables. On the palate, it is dry thanks to its lively freshness.

Production area:Treviso;

Grape Variety: Glera;

Soil: Clay-calcareous;

Climate: Mediterranean;

Winemaking: White, soft pressing;

Spakling process: Charmat;

Colour: Straw yellow;

Perlage: Fine and delicate;

Alcohol: 11,5%;

Residual Sugar: 9 gr/l;

Total Acidity: 5,7 gr/l;

Pressure: 3,4 bar;

Serving Temperature: 6-8 °C;

The perfect balance makes this wine excellent as an aperitif and with fish dishes or with the whole meal, as traditionally used in the production area.