Sparkling white wine produced from Glera grapes and processed according to the traditional method of natural fermentation. This method gives the wine unique peculiar characteristics.
Through the decanter used to separate the natural lees, the wine is bright straw yellow with evident and lively development of bubbles. Elegant and complex bouquet: from the characteristic fruity aroma to the hint of bread crust; constantly evolving due to contact with the yeasts.
On the palate, it is fresh, pleasantly bitterish, the ultimate dry taste.

Production area: Treviso;

Grape Variety: Glera;

Soil: Clay-calcareous;

Climate: Mediterranean;

Winemaking: White, soft pressing;

Colour: Straw yellow;

Perlage: Fine and delicate;

Alcohol: 11%;

Residual Sugar: 0 – 2 gr/l;

Total Acidity: 5 gr/l;

Pressure: 2,5 bar;

Serving Temperature: 6-8 °C;

Serving method:Decant the wine leaving the bottom of the bottle or pouring it directly from the bottle in order to taste it slightly veiled;

It is a full-bodied wine, but extremely digestible. Suitable for convivial moments while tasting the typical cold cuts and cheese of the area.